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Updates on what happened this weekend.

- Makati Ave. is a hidden gem for night time street photography. 

- Saguijo has the crappiest lighting of any concert venue ever. It forced me to do one thing I never liked when shooting bands: Using the flash. I feel bad for the performers with flash booming in their faces. 

- So the Phottix trigger only fires flash only when it wants to :( I just mounted the flash on the hot-shoe. I’m expecting flat images but we’ll see. Will post the results once I get the rolls developed.

- I already posted my (supposed to be) weekly column for Eric Kim Street Photography blog. This week, I talk about the importance of producing a body of work. Please do check it out!

- When out shooting, don’t forget to hydrate!!! H20, gatorade, Pocari Sweat, and etc. Prioritize health before your prioritize your pictures.\

- I am reminded again that at its core, why I do photography is because I like to do it. And Meeting other photographers shooting and talking about all things photography and otherwise is a great amazing bonus.

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